Dora the Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Here is a plan I’ve been working on, and I hope you’ll steal it!

Gwenna is two in September, and we’re getting into the really fun stage.  She sometimes watches Dora on TV and interacts with the characters.  It’s ridiculously cute and I know that she shouldn’t be watching TV, but she just loves it so much!  In any case, we have a bit of a relationship with Dora and the show’s characters.

I’m hoping to get this event together for October.  Here in Louisiana, it’s crazy hot and humid right now, and it doesn’t get better until October.  Since this is the case, I plan on mixing Halloween themes into the Dora scavenger hunt.  My idea is to follow the basic format of an episode: a destination is named, Map is consulted and tells you about three land marks to guide you to the destination, and each leg of the journey has an activity or puzzle to figure out to help you along.

Not every location is going to have the same landmarks, so just use mine as an example.

Destination:  Big Playground

Landmarks:  Bridge, Island, Big Playground

Meeting Place:  Carousel

We’ll start at the Carousel.  I’ll be dressed up as Dora (at 9 months pregnant- that should be a laugh) and Zack will be dressed up as Boots (Boots is Dora’s best friend, a monkey in boots).  We’ll introduce ourselves, have a bag full of goodies  (organic and whole grain baked goods, non-plastic toys, coloring sheets, etc.) for the kids, and suddenly, a parent dressed as a Wicked Witch will run by and grab the bag of treats from us!  The parent will then run off to the destination (Big Playground) and we will call on Map to help us find a way to get the treats back.

Map is a character- he sings a song and tells you where to go.  So we’ll have a parent “dressed” as Map- holding a large poster with the three locations drawn on it.  This parent will hopefully have no problem singing the song and telling the kids where to go.  We’ll also have personal maps to hand out.

Then, as a group, we’ll head to the first landmark- the bridge.  A recurring character on Dora is the bridge troll, and he always requires that Dora and Boots answer riddles or figure out puzzles to go over the bridge.  Here, I plan on having someone dressed up as a troll, with a simple puzzle written on a poster board.  This will probably be something like a circle drawn on the poster, with three shape names under it (square, circle, triangle) and the troll will ask the kids which one the shape is.  Once we get the question right, we go over the bridge.

When we are over the bridge, we’re already at our second landmark: the island.  Our “island” is a circular garden with several paths through the center.  Here, we’ll have three colors of yarn, and ask the children to follow one color, maybe blue.  The blue thread will lead out of the garden.

When we make it out of the garden, we have a little bit of a walk to get to the destination.  I’m thinking we’ll sing Halloween songs on this stretch, to keep the kids entertained.  Once we get to the destination, the kids will have to look through the big playground to find where the Wicked Witch is hiding, and ask her politely to give our treats back.

And she will, if she knows what’s good for her.

What do you think?  Anything to add?