My sweet girl turned two years old on September 9th.  She had the best time at her Cool Zoo party, running around with her friends and giving out hugs and eating pizza and cake and opening presents and just soaking in all the love.

So much love.

I know all parents probably think this, but Gwenna is a special girl.  She always has a smile to share, hugs to give, and funny things to say.  She’s the type of child who must kiss all of your bo-bos and cries if you don’t respond to her wish of “sweet dreams” for you (obviously one would never dream of purposely doing such a thing- but sometimes we just don’t hear).

My sensitivity to this amazing and fleeting stage she’s in has been compounded by the fact that her little sister is going to be here soon.  When we talked about having another baby, it seemed like a good idea to have them close in age.  A playmate for Gwenna!  My own sister and I are two years apart (I am the older sibling) and so I thought two years apart wouldn’t be so hard to navigate.  The further into pregnancy I got, the more I thought about what a mess that relationship is, and the more I worried about how Gwenna would be adversely affected.  The icing on the cake was when I began to read The Sibling Effect and came across a quote that likened getting a new sibling to having to share your husband with another wife without giving permission.  Two days after I read that quote, my adolescent psychology professor quoted it to me again!  I get it, universe- I’m ruining Gwenna’s life!

I know that she will love her little sister, and I know that our family is much different from the one I grew up in- so it’s very unlikely that she will have a relationship with her sister like mine.  That doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty and getting very emotional when I think of things changing.

Change… she is not only getting a little sister, but she is growing all the time.  These sweet moments are going by so quickly, and I feel helpless to try to hold on to them.  So here are a few reflections on this beautiful little girl’s existence so far, just to attempt to hold on…

The first time I saw Gwenna, she had her eyes wide open and stared straight into mine.  Her daddy had caught her and was holding her for me to see, a little weepy and repeating how beautiful she was.

She was a quiet, sleepy newborn.  She had no problems nursing.  She loved to be held… and I loved to hold her.  We spent most of our time wrapped up together in the Moby wrap, taking naps, nursing, doing chores, going for walks.  Few memories are as perfect as the clear fall days when Gwenna was a newborn.  I was so in love with her, with my husband, with life.

She grew so fast!  She was holding her head up within the first week, sat up at 4 months, crawled at 5, started walking at 9.

Now that she’s talking, it seems like our family never stops smiling.  She’s always saying something cute or impressive.

“Two is old,” she said on her birthday.

“Sexy and know it!” This describes mommy’s workout clothes and anything Zumba related.

“Fam-a-weee,” she calls our unit affectionately.

“I wanna cuddle now!”

“Sweet dreams, I yuvs you.”

“I kiss it!” For any injury or physical complaint.  (She kisses mommy’s belly a lot because “belly hurt?”)

“Mommy, you beautiful like a flower.”

What does a chicken say?  “Bok bok.”

What does a cow say?  “Mooooo.”

What does mommy say?  “I yuvs you!”  (Gwenna’s own response!)

“Meow meow!”  Whenever she is feeling cuddly… she turns into a baby kitty and might try to lick you.

Must have baby cuddles now!


2 thoughts on “Gwenna-isms

  1. You are a wonderful mom, Kristen, and Gwenna is simply a little girl that has been deeply and selflessly love and expresses it in turn. I can only imagine that Clover and Gwenna will grow to know that amazing love, and in turn, give it to each other. I can’t wait to watch!

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