We live in the New Orleans area.  This place is all in a tizzy over the coming storm… and I’m just a little bit excited.

As someone who never evacuated for these storms as a kid, I’m prepared for the annoyances with waiting for the electricity to get turned on again, for the schools to open again, for the traffic lights to work again.  But this time, I’m the mom!  I’m the one in charge of preparing our home for the storm and cuddling with the baby when the wind and thunder get scary.  I’m the one she’s going to look to for reassurance that it is all fine, and we’re going to go on this adventure together.

I know it’s not all fun and games, though.  I didn’t leave for Katrina, and dealt with no electricity or water for who knows how long.  I remember roads being blocked everywhere from downed trees, and holes in people’s homes.  I remember the reports of flooding all around.  I remember the aftermath, and going to work at the drug store while the National Guard kept us company and we snacked on MREs for meals.

I wouldn’t say we should stay if this storm was a Category 3 or above.  I would not have my little one and the belly in the middle of a disaster like that.  But at the rate it’s going, which will maybe have it at a Category 1 when it hits, this is just a rite of passage for us.

We are away from trees and on the second floor.  We have stocked up on water, batteries, matches, paper plates, toilet paper, non-refrigerated food that doesn’t need to be cooked.  I’m cooking all of our meat today, in case electricity goes out and the refrigerator doesn’t work.  Baking brownies to use some of the eggs, and boiling the rest.  We borrowed an air mattress for our nanny and her husband, who live on the bottom floor in a flood zone, so they’ll be over to keep us company (yay!).  We have board games ready and I’m doing all the dishes, laundry, and cleaning today.  Laptops and phones are staying on charge all day.

A massive amount of crispy cooked bacon- I would surely never let a pack of bacon rot in the de-powered refrigerator!

Bring it on, Isaac.  Let’s turn this home into a camp ground!


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