“Half of my face is numb?”

I swore to my husband that I would not be going to the ER or L&D for this pregnancy if I wasn’t about to have a baby, and I am therefore a dirty liar.

I was interviewing a nanny on Sunday in a coffee shop on Magazine Street.  Lovely afternoon, sweet lady, and a yogurt parfait.  Nearly all the way though the interview, I had to stop talking several times, because I was… out of breath?  Out of energy?  All of the above, plus losing vision.  I blacked out for a very uncomfortable moment in which I thought I might vomit on the spot, and decided to wrap the interview up with the now very concerned nanny.  I gathered my things as I was not yet alarmed, having experienced these episodes through most of the pregnancy, even though they usually weren’t so dramatic and the effects not nearly so long-lasting.  I tried to sip some milk and realized the left side of my face did not have feeling.

I nearly sobbed on the spot.

I dialed my husband, no answer.  He was probably putting the baby down for a nap.  I waited a few minutes, dialed again, same thing.  By now I was decided on going to the ER- thankfully just a few blocks away- and also decided on driving myself, which I was certain was a bad idea because I was obviously having a stroke.  One thing I knew to do was move, move, move, and get my tush over to the ER.

Made it there fine, went to registration, went to triage, got escorted to L&D.  One of the midwives I see was already at the hospital for a birth, so my lonely stay was a bit shorter than it might have been.  They checked me out, put me on monitors.  Luckily, neurological problems were ruled out pretty quickly.  I was baffled as to what was going on.  Baby looked great, I was having zero contractions, zero dilation.  The last thing to get checked was my blood, and it came back that I am anemic.

Simple, right?  Apparently it was pretty bad.  Bad enough to not only have me blacking out while sitting down, but also sleeping for half the day and the night.  After 2 and a half days of iron supplements twice a day, my iron levels are now borderline.  I can’t express how much better I feel!  I had no idea that anemia could feel so miserable, and that it could be so serious.

I saw my chiropractor on Monday, and he adjusted my neck, and the numbness went away.

Way to freak me out, weird stressed nerve in my neck.

When I got home from the ER, Zack was so relieved.  It sucks to think your 24-year-old wife, pregnant with your second child, might be dealing with a stroke.  Add to that my phone had died a short time into my visit… Poor guy.

In a nutshell, you could say that I overreacted… but seriously?  A blackout episode accompanied by facial numbness on one side?  What the heck, body.  What the heck.


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