“Sweet girl…”

Dear Gwenna,

I’m going to start writing you these letters more often.  I really want to preserve these memories for all of us who love you and to share some day with you.  Today, I’m starting by telling you the story of yesterday.

Yesterday was a normal Sunday for you.  At 22 months old, you woke up at Mimi and Papa’s house (I imagine with your patent good-morning “Hi”) and had breakfast with them.  Daddy came to pick you up not long after.  For some reason, you’ve been coming home from your weekly visit with Mimi and Papa not feeling yourself, so after your lunch, you went down for an early nap at about one o’clock.  When you woke up at 2:00, you just got out of your bed, walked into Mommy and Daddy’s room, and told us, “Hi,” and snuggled up with Mommy for a little while.  Our snuggle sessions are always too short for me- but I’m grateful that you’re as affectionate as you are, as you enter the “terrible two’s” (a time that is actually very fun for us).

We started to get ready for the park and while we were all shuffling around, you were given a bowl of cheerios to munch on.  Daddy took it from you to get you dressed, and you echoed your favorite cartoon character, Dora, by telling Daddy, “No s[w]ipin!”  I’m still giggling over that.  Little girl, you are too smart!  We made it to the park and played around in the overcast afternoon.  You were afraid of the slides, and that’s quite a surprise for us, as parents of the most fearless toddler at the splash pad.  You will run through a tunnel of water jets coming from every side all on your own, but 4-foot slide bothers you!  Mommy has always been afraid of heights… maybe you are taking after me.

Hello, Lovebug


After playing at the park and rough housing with Daddy (Mommy watches from a safe distance when you two play- you have such a great time, barely able to breathe through all the laughter, and Daddy gets a great work out!), you were so tired.  You had some dinner and we put you straight to bed, skipping your bath in favor of appeasing your sleepy eyes.

At some point in the middle of the night, you were tossing and turning and sighing, so I went to your room and laid my head down next to you in your small toddler bed.  You petted my hair and said, “S[w]eet guhw,” (sweet girl) something I always call you.

The story of yesterday may seem slightly boring or mundane to some, but for Daddy and me, it was another amazing day.  We await your greeting in the morning and cherish those sleepy cuddles; nothing makes us happier than your energetic laughter; every day is an adventure into what you will learn and the things you will say.  Christmas comes all the time, in this home, and you’re always the best gift.

So much love,



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